Welcome to Velchior, adventurers! A land of strange creatures and ample opportunity awaits you. This is just a brief overview of the world in which your adventures will be taking place.

Velchior is a landmass ruled by one monarchy who oversees the city-states dotted across its landscape, and the starting place of our story. A relatively young country, the monarchy here has only been established for 6 generations, culminating in the current King Jarin. Velchior is currently experiencing some social and political upheavals, though the true nature of their source seems to vary according to whom is telling the story.

Your stories begin in the town of Midreach, on the Crystalline Bay. While certainly no sprawling metropolis, Midreach is by no means negligible either. It is nestled into the apex of the Crystalline Bay, where the Vale Bluffs meet the rolling hills of the countryside. Midreach benefits from having a varied economy with access to the nearby mining industry, a bustling shipping trade, and a dockside marketplace with all manner of spoils of the sea for purchase. Being the main town in the area, there is a strong religious presence in Midreach that is ever at odds with the constant flow of less reputable types known to frequent some of the ships and harbors.

For one reason or another, each of you has come to know Midreach and the surrounding countryside as home in recent times. And over the last several weeks there’ve been reports of something more unsavory than the average pirate stalking the surrounding lands. Many interested parties have hired “specialists” to deal with the problem, one way or another…

Misfits and Mayhem

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