Edward Milton

Human Cleric


Age: 27
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dull blue, edging toward grey

Edward was an average man for most of his life. The middle son of a family of farmers, he never quite took to the family business. However, he was often left to prepare meals while his two older siblings helped his parents work the land. This led to a love of cooking, particularly baking desserts.

As he grew to adulthood, his skill at his chosen craft increased, and he became the apprentice of a baker in the nearby town. After serving in this capacity for several years, he became a full partner in the business – his former mentor bakes breads, biscuits, and so on, while Edward handles the cakes and other pastries.

His family was largely supportive of his move to ‘the city,’ although it does occasionally cause friction with his parents and older siblings. He has two older siblings: a sister, Jenna (seven years older), and a brother, Andrew (five years older). While Edward loves them both, he has never been particularly close to either of them. He is much closer to his youngest sibling, Sarah (four years younger). Another Milton daughter, Amber, died in infancy when Edward was about a year and a half old.

Recently, Edward awoke to discover that – for reasons he couldn’t fathom – he could channel divine magic. Although he had always been religious, worshiping the goddess Chauntea, he was not particularly devout; beyond attending church services and semi-regular prayer, his faith did not factor into his life much. Panicked at his newfound abilities, he sought guidance from the local priest, who declared that this was clearly a sign from on high and that Edward was meant for great things. Rumor has begun to spread that Edward is marked as a saint, an avatar, or some other form of religious crusader. However, he wants nothing more than to find a way to relieve himself of his supposed divinity and return to his bakery.

Edward Milton

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